Memil Kkot Hyang Gi(Buckwheat Flower Scent) is the largest buckwheat restaurant in Pyeongchang and you can feel both style and grandeur of tranditional Korean house (hanok). To further enhance the quality of the food, we are using traditional brassware.

For buckwheat dishes, we use Sseun Memil (black buckwheat) mainly instead of general buckwheat. Black buckwheat has 100 times more rutin content than general buckwheat.


Unlike other grains, buckwheat is high in fat and 80 % of the fat is fatty acid. It contains 19 amino acids and vitamins including 8 essential amino acids. Also it is rich in rutin which is a kind of Vitamin D.
Rutin makes capillary strong and increase elasticity of blood vessel. So it is good for people with high blood pressure or hardening of the arterie. Antioxidative activity effect prevents skin from aging.
Edible buckwheat is generally classified into dan buckwheat(general buckwheat) and sseun buckwheat. Sseun buckwheat is also called black buckwheat or tatari buckwheat.
Black buckwheat contains scores and hundreds times more rutin than general buckwheat. Rutin is good for adult diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes because of the antioxidation and hemostasis effect. From this reason black buckwheat has drawn attention for the it’s value of medical ingredients rather than food ingredients.
When using it as food ingredient, after threshing the grain of buckwheat, it is boiled to get rid of bitter taste. So it doesn't have bitter taste like its name.


Memil Kkot Hyang Gi is the Bong Pyeong's tasty restaurant. You will recall Memil Makguksu.

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Memil Kkot Hyang Gi is famous for handmade buckwheat jelly and it is one of the nine Bong Pyeong's tasty restaurants.

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The plating of the food is beautiful and the taste doesn't betray you. It is the best buckwheat noodle so far. I went with my family.

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